How Dream Stitching Came to Be

Owner with Grandmother

A few years ago, I was visiting my grandmother and watching her crochet. I had never tried to before and could not figure out how she was creating these elaborate blankets with just some yarn and a hook. My curiosity was piqued, but I did not ask her about it yet. 

A few months later, I was browsing the internet and saw some adorable little Pokemon plushies. They were so cute! I was amazed to find out they were also crochet. After looking more into it and remembering my Mini Ma working on her blankets, I decided I wanted to learn. The next time I went for a visit, I asked her to show me how to crochet. She showed me how to do the simplest stitches (the chain and single crochets) and gave me a book of stitches to work with. Between that and YouTube, I began with expanding a simple Pokeball design into a larger one for a pillow. It turned out more hexagonal than circular but it worked!

Fast forward a few years and I was beginning to create my own patterns and dreaming of starting a little shop. While making a weekly 4 to 6 hour drive (depending on traffic) for work, one of my co-workers and I were talking about our hobbies and ideas for our own companies. She encouraged and pushed me to just take a leap and just go for it. So Dream Stitching was born!

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