Pattern Reviews: Dragonscale Dice Bag

Dice - the all powerful deciders of destiny for those of us who play DnD! Each dice set is as unique as the characters they represent. Red, blue or yellow? Metal, glass or plastic? Solid, glittery or swirly? The combinations are endless, and nothing is as satisfying as finding the perfect dice for you! Now that you have the perfect dice, how do you store them? What vessel could be worthy of containing the power and majesty of the dice? We at Dream Stitching think we have found it - the Dragonscale Dice Bag!

I had been eyeing different patterns for my dice, but I just could not find the perfect piece! Then I laid eyes on the wonderfully unique Dragonscale bag. The spiky scale pattern brings the perfect ambiance for dungeon delving, and brings the luck of the dragons too!

The pattern is free and is located here

XL Dragonscale Dice Bag

Now though the bag itself looks complicated, I had little trouble with the actual pattern. I really only found myself with 2 problems:

  • Problem 1: It was too big! I was looking for a bag large enough to hold up to 6 full sets of dice. I managed to reach that size only going through half of the called for rounds.
  • Problem 2: The crocodile stitch it uses is time consuming and I grew tired of it pretty quickly.
    • Solution for both: Just stop repeating rows 10-24 when you feel the bag is tall enough, then skip to the pattern for the top of the bag!

All in all, other that the pattern being a little too big for what I needed it, this bag turned out just as amazing as I had imagined! Finishing the hat was extremely rewarding, and I hope you enjoy this pattern as much as I have. Prepare for plenty of complements on your newest accessory at your next gaming session!

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